Breast Enlargement

Considering Breast Surgery

Breast enlargement can give you a new lease of life, there is nothing worse than not feeling sexy.  Many people talk about having increased sex drive, confidence and wear different clothes after they get breast enlargement.  It does alter their appearance dramatically, it needs to be done well, see the link on the home page for the practice we recommend.

The best advice is to speak to your GP and the surgeon directly a few times, ask lots of questions and get their expert advice.  You don’t want to go too high (bra cup size) and then regret it.  To reduce it would take time for the body to heal and then you have wasted money.  You also need to be realistic about what to expect.  This is a big decision so make sure you get the correct expert advice.

Clinics in UK

Speak to a few clinics, see who you feel most comfortable with.  Any good surgeon will put you at ease and talk you through different options so you have a choice to make.  They will or should give you their opinion about how big you can go with the breast enlargement.  You don’t want to look like a fool.

There are lots of clinics abroad that offer cheaper prices, but is that the best option?  If the surgeon is UK based and local to you, then you will feel that you have support locally.  If you need to, you can pop into see them and get help or just make sure everything is as it should be, there will be aftercare appointments to ensure the skin around the breast enlargement area is healing the way it should.

You will need to disclose any medical family history, so ask family members and your own GP.