Breast Reduction

Breasts Too Large?

Believe it or not, this can be an issue for some, it may even impact on their health i.e. sore back.  Carrying around that weight can be hard on your back and the answer can be easy, to get them reduced.

The operation itself is fairly straightforward, you need to be absolutely sure you want it done.  The consultant will ask you lots of leading questions to determine its a thought through decision.  You don’t want to go too small with the breast reduction surgery if you are used to large breasts.  Some patients have said it either increased or decreased their confidence levels, the shape of your body is a large part of who you are; it’s your identity.

The breast reduction plastic surgeon should show you before and after images of actual real-life patients, if some are happy to, ask to speak with them.  There is no testimonial better than hearing it from them directly.  What you are looking for is to find out that the person felt respected, looked after, they were advised by the surgeon and the aftercare was and is good.

UK Clinics

We do recommend you deal with a UK clinic for breast reduction, see link on home page.  If you opt for the cheaper option of going abroad, that’s fine but what happens if you return home and need help.  Your surgeon could be very difficult to reach and you can feel helpless.  This is why it’s always best to deal with a local person, somewhere you can go into and ask questions or ask for an appointment.  This is a big decision, speak to family and friends about it, but ultimately make the decision yourself.  We do recommend you speak to your GP to advise you are getting it done, they should know and will be able to advise of painkillers.